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Y.C. Hong: Advocate for Chinese American Inclusion

Jul 24, 2021

Based on primary source materials from the Hong Family Papers at The Huntington, “Y.C. Hong: Advocate for Chinese American Inclusion” introduces You Chung “Y.C.” Hong (1898 – 1977), one of the first Chinese American immigration attorneys in California. The collection contains over 7,600 immigration case files created during and after the Chinese Exclusion era. The…

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Member Event – Digging Deeper

Jun 26, 2021

Michael Ho began with a short segment especially designed for our donors and members about Chinese names. He answered questions from viewers and offered behind-the-scenes stories from the original webinar. Michael Ho is the immediate past President of the Chinese Family History Group of Southern California. He has been researching his family heritage for almost…

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Member Event – Digging Deeper

Jun 12, 2021

Bo-Gay Salvador and Brian Yee shared their personal experiences in genealogy research in this session especially designed for our donors and members. They answered questions from viewers and shared behind-the-scenes stories involved in the original webinar. Bo-Gay Tong Salvador is our first chairperson and founding member of the Chinese Family History Group of Southern California…

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Researching the World of Chinese Documents

May 22, 2021

Many involved in Chinese genealogy research are familiar with the Chinese jiapu/zupu and perhaps local gazetteers. Tony King addressed both of these critical tools and also provided an introduction into the rich world of documents and resource materials that originated in China. These include marriage agreements, property records, residential registrations, census records, examination rosters, and…

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Sweeping for Clues

Apr 24, 2021

Qīngmíng (also known as “Tomb-sweeping Day”) 2021 occurred on April 4th; it’s a “festival” when many ethnic Hàn Chinese families return to the gravesites of their ancestors to pay their respects. Patrick Chew delved into the history and background of the festival, examined the potential treasure trove of family history information to be found at…

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Family Ties – Adventures in Finding My Family Stories

Apr 13, 2021

In collaboration with Chinese American Museum Los Angeles, moderator Michael Ho interviewed panelists Marisa Louie Lee, Bo-Gay Tong Salvador, and Brian Yee on their personal experiences in genealogy research. The panelists shared their motivation to uncover pieces of their family history, their most meaningful discoveries, and what inspires them to continue searching for answers. Marisa…

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Who Is Shee?

Mar 20, 2021

Zachary Wilske discussed the history of US immigration laws and its impact on Chinese American women focusing on marriage and citizenship regarding the derivation of nationality, expatriation, marriage, and repatriation. Marisa Louie Lee shared her great grandmother, Ng Shee’s story who was born in Fresno, California in 1887 and how these laws directly affected her…

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Food and Tradition Stories

Feb 20, 2021

Two time James Beard Award winner and globally acclaimed Chef Martin Yan wove personal stories from his childhood roots in Taishan and Hoiping and prepared Chinese New Year dishes using ingredients rich in tradition and symbolism.​ Martin Yan is a television icon and host of over 3,000 cooking shows. He is a prolific cookbook author…

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Crazy Rich Discoveries

Jan 23, 2021

Kevin Kwan shared intimate stories and photos about his family tree ranging back to the year 946. Born in Singapore into a sprawling family tree that would later inspire his “Crazy Rich Asians” trilogy, Kwan found his world upended when his parents moved to Houston, Texas when he was 11. Although he spent his formative…

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We Are American Soldiers

Nov 28, 2020

Filmmakers Katie and Gregg Porter discussed their process of documenting “We Are American Soldiers.” They shared their research and how they gathered information about that seldom written chapter in US history, as well as the challenge of finding photographs and films featuring Chinese American soldiers from that era.  Katie Porter is an actor, filmmaker, engineer,…

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