Writing Your Family Story Workshop 2

Jan 18, 2024 6:30PM—Feb 08, 2024 8:00PM

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Ever wonder what to do with all the research you have gathered on your family history? How do you begin to document your ancestor’s stories? Join us for this workshop of three 90 minute sessions via Zoom to start writing. The sessions will have short, five-minute prompts to get participants writing, which will help writers focus on specific scenes or memories to develop into longer stories. We will also discuss tone and point of view in the writing, as well as use of sensory details and dialogue.

Participants will share their writing in a safe setting (note: sessions will NOT be recorded). In addition, writing prompts will also be given as homework for the following session.

Enrollment is limited to 15 participants. You must be a member in good standing and commit to attend all three sessions.

(If you’re not already a member and would like to become one in order to participate, join now!)

Who is this workshop for? It’s intended to be:

  • An Introduction/Primer for completely new (not-started/inexperienced)/unfamiliar writers who did not participate in the previous Writing Group Workshop
  • Inspiration for experienced writers, who are not in the writing group, and not did not participate in the previous Writing Group Workshop

At the conclusion of this introductory workshop, writers will be invited to join the monthly (members-only) writing group, where prompts are given and writing is shared with the larger group.