Preserving Your Past-Podcast

Jun 15, 2022


Do you have several boxes of old photos, slides, videos, and documents you inherited from your parents? How would you feel if you lost them in a fire or flood?  They can’t be easily replaced.  In this podcast, we’ll talk about some tips for protecting and organizing these precious artifacts.

In the next 18 minutes, Chinese Family History Group member Gary Kim Leach discusses options for storing original pictures and documents, scanning them manually, hiring a scanning service, or using a high-speed photo scanner, like the Epson Fast-Foto 680W.  We hope you can garner some useful suggestions

After his mother’s passing in 1991, Gary Leach began searching for his Chinese ancestral background.  A native of Los Angeles with Malaysian roots, Gary’s search has taken him to his ancestral village in Guangdong province and connected him with relatives in Australia, Hong Kong, and London.  A retired pharmacist, Gary volunteers in the medical industry and with the Chinese Family History Group